Vera Lynn, John Le Carre and Christopher Plummer Rabbits

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Vera Lynn white and agouti, John Le Carre white and agouti more eye liner on and Christopher Plummer agouti,  came in for rehoming as their owners had too amny rabbits and we helped by taking 6 young rabbits.  They are from the same litter as Captain Tom and Barbara Windsor.  We have neutered, vaccinated and microchipped them.  We have aged them at 4 months old

We are looking for a very home for our little trio together.  They are a sweet little bunch, Christopher is the most friendliest and will come up to see if any nice treats have been put in so he can have first dibbs!!! but they are all curious and will eventually come forward for strokes.  They have not been handled as babies so will wriggle alot when picked up.

We are looking for a very experienced home for our little trio, John le Carre has a heart murmur and an irregular heartbeat.   These are not causing him any problems, he eats well and runs around with the others well.  He has successfully been neutered.  He could easily go through life to an old age but he could also easily only last a few months which is why we wanted to home him in a trio so he wasn’t on his own and the other two left will be ok together.  So we need a very special person/family for a special little bunch of rabbits.  They would not cope well with children and due to John’s heart we would like an adult home.

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