Thunder : 1-2 year old, female

Thunder came into the shelter, via another branch. She came down with 15 other rabbits. They had been removed by an inspector and had been placed in a boarding establishment as the shelters were all full. We took 7 rabbits in total. The other 8 went to another branch. Thunder came in 17/06/23, she is about 1-2 years old, we have, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed her.

Thunder is a shy gentle girl. She likes a head tickle and will come over to see what we are doing in her pen. She loves her food, She especially likes kale and treats. Thunder is not happy being picked up and will wriggle alot. She would benefit with experienced owners who are aware of rabbit behaviours/ways. She is looking for a calm new gentleman rabbit friend, he must be neutered and vaccinated. She could live inside or out, she is very clean already. We are just showing her she has an outside space which she is starting to explore and enjoys a nice hop about

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