'The Animals' Touch Rugby

Volunteers, staff and supporters of the RSPCA animal centre at Brighton have formed a touch rugby team named ‘The Animals’ and through rugby they are raising much needed funds for the animals.

The team, founded by husband and wife team James & Linda McCauley in 2013 to play just one game, have now played a number of matches against other local ‘touch rugby’ teams and have recently unveiled their new strip sponsored by local Sussex businesses.

Touch rugby originated in Australia and had made the leap to the UK in recent years. Teams can be single sex or mixed, like the ‘The Animals’.
The Animals’ team has youngsters as young as 8 years and other youngsters as young as 50 years and all abilities.

James the head coach says, “We practice every week at Braypool fields next to the animal centre and all enjoy this non contact form of rugby greatly. My roots are in rugby league but the team is made up of people who have played both codes as well as plenty who have never played rugby before. Touch rugby really is a game for all ages, sexes and abilities”.

The team is made up of some animal centre staff, animal centre volunteers, other supporters and even one of the local RSPCA officers.

There is much more information on the newly launched website www.rspcatouchrugby.org