Shelter Champions

Animal Shelter Champions

Help us to reach our target of £**** and build a brighter future for animals at RSPCA Brighton by supporting us to build our state-of-the-art kennels, cattery and small animal shelter.

We are embarking on an ambitious plan to build the best animal welfare facilities possible at our shelter in Brighton.

We are replacing our outdated kennels and cattery with accommodation that not only provides the most comfortable, but also the least stressful environment for the cats and dogs that come into our care.

This is a phased two year plan that will enable us to keep on caring for the neediest animals from our branch area at the same time as working around the site to create modern facilities.

Our kennels and cattery will focus on reducing stress with warm cosy kennels and cat pens, with soothing music, shelter from stressors in the environment, and spacious exercise areas.

The branch will end up with around 40 kennels and the same number of cat pens.
We are taking the most current knowledge of welfare builds to shape the future for the branch and the animals it cares for.

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