Sapphire & Ollie: 5 years, female & neutered male, Chihuahuas

sapphire and ollie 3

Sapphire and Ollie came in on the 4th of September via an Inspector as their owner was going into hospital.  They have come from a multi-dog household and have lived with various siblings but have probably not seen much of the outside world.

Sapphire and Ollie are both friendly once they get to know you and enjoy sitting on your lap.  They both like playing with toys and are good when groomed. They will need overall training, including housetraining and could be homed together or separately.

Ollie is not keen on other dogs (apart from Sapphire!) but Sapphire could possibly live with an existing dog, she could also live with a confident cat.  They could be homed with children 10 years or older.

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