Sam Guinea pig : 11 months old neutered male

Sam came in via one of our inspectors after being removed, he is from the horde of 83 animals we took in. We have neutered him. He came in 20/08/23

Sam is a sweet boy, he is coming around nicely, a little chatterbox and likes to come forward chatting to see what we are putting in his pen, is it edible and will he like it. We are looking for a home for him, with female guinea pigs. He can live with female guinea pigs from 23/10/23. He will need a slow introduction, he could live with 1 or more female guinea pigs. He will need to be living inside now we are heading into winter but will need an exercise area inside for daily exercise and a run around. He has asked for a little harem of a few female guinea pigs that could cope with his constant talking

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