Rosie and Jim Rabbits

rosie and jim 1

Rosie and Jim came into the shelter as their  owner had too many animals.  Our inspectors were called and we are helping to rehome them.  Rosie and Jim are dwarf albino rabbits.  They are about 3 years old and have both been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  It is very hard to tell them apart from looking ta them but Rosie is very slightly bigger than Jim.

We are looking to rehome them together.  When they came in their feet and legs were covered in dirt from their hutch.  We have cleaned them up now and they now have white feet and toes.  They are a nice pair but are not used to too much interaction with people.  Rosie will grunt a bit but is not nasty and will take treats from you.  She is more confident than Jim.  They can be picked up but would prefer not to be.  They can be housed inside or out to suitable environments.  They will need a run area inside or a run on the grass outside.  They would be better with older children just because they can grunt a bit!

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