Rose and Violet Guinea Pigs

rose and violet pigs 1

Rose and Violet guinea pigs came into the shelter as their owner had a baby and was unable to keep them.  They are female sisters about 5 years old.  Rose is white and black, Violet is black and white.

We are looking for a special home for Rose and Violet together.  They are long haired guinea pigs and when they arrived they had not been groomed for a very long time.  They had had a hair cut but their coat condition was very bad and their nails were very long and twisted.  We have now cut their nails and have been grooming them daily.  They are on added vitamin C in their water to help their coats and they are now looking very pretty and ready for their new home.  Their new owner must be experienced in long haired animals, ideally guinea pig experienced aswell.  These two lady deserve a lovely warm retirement home where they will be spoilt rotten.  We would like them to live inside if possible so they can be warm and sheltered

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