Rooney: 9 years, neutered male, Shar Pei


Rooney came in on the 25th of January via another rescue. He had spent his life living on a chain and not known kindness from humans so he is looking for a rather special home!

Rooney is a sweet, friendly boy who can be very affectionate once he trusts you but is wary of some people to begin with. He loves his food so treats are a nice way to win him round! Rooney responds to his name but has never been taught any other commands. He enjoys chewing on a nylabone and also rummaging in his snuffle mat for treats. Rooney is very clean in his kennel so should be clean in the home.

He is very sociable with other dogs and could live with an older, calm one. He would not want to live with another dog who is too playful or boisterous as he is a quiet boy himself. He needs a home without cats as he has a strong chase instinct for small furry creatures!

Rooney can be deceivably strong on the lead for his size and quite stubborn when he decides he wants to go somewhere. He also thinks that chasing fast moving bikes is fun so would prefer to live in an area that is not too busy or urban.

Rooney is looking for a VERY experienced owner who will allow him time to settle and take things at his pace.  He cannot live with children and would prefer a quiet household.

Rooney is still being assessed at the moment.

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