Ridley : 2-3 years old, neutered male

Ridley came in via one of our inspectors after being removed, he is from the horde of 83 animals we took in. He came in 20/08/23. We have neutered, vaccinated and wormed him.

Ridley is a shy sweet gentleman, he is gentle, we feel he hasn’t really come out of his shell but he is doing well. He can be fussy with food but will eat it all overnight. When we put him out for a run around he likes it but is shy and after 10 mins likes to just sit outside and watch the world go past.

We are looking for a home for Ridley with a gentle spayed female rabbit who will be patient with him and let him take the world each day at a time. Considering where he came from he is so clean and does not chew so he could easily live inside

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