Reggie: 1 year, Neutered Male, Shar Pei

Let us introduce you to Reggie – the happiest Shar Pei you will ever meet! He gives the best slobbery kisses, has an amazing smile and has a constantly wagging tail. Reggie loves to meet people and doesn’t understand his own strength when he jumps up and knocks everyone over!

He loves to explore new places and likes to put everything in his mouth! If he finds something to sniff or chew he roots himself to the spot and won’t move until he is finished! Having said that when he does want to go somewhere you will find yourself flying along the road!

Reggie has several canine girlfriends who he likes to cover in slobber and chew on their heads – they don’t seem to mind! He is fascinated when he meets a new creature! Reggie is still learning how to interact sensibly with other dogs so will need a little more guidance.

On a more serious side, unfortunately Reggie wasn’t always this happy. He came in on the 8th of May via an Inspector from an unsuitable home. When he arrived he had neglected skin, infected eyes and such extreme skin folds he couldn’t see. He was wary and untrusting of new people as his vision was so compromised.

After lots of skin and eye treatment and an actual doggie facelift to get rid of the excess folds, along with a lot of love and care from the staff and our vets, Reggie is growing into a fabulous boy.

To summarise, if you are an experienced adult home with time to put into training Reggie please apply. You won’t regret it!

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