Pinto: 1 year, Neutered Male, Dachshund x Chihuahua

Pinto came in on the 21st of August. He was originally adopted from us as a puppy but the home he went to became too hectic and he was not coping.

Pinto is an anxious boy who takes time to bond with new people. Once you earn his trust he is super affectionate, friendly and a very happy boy! He loves his food and treats, sleeping under his blankets, cuddles on laps, laying in the sunshine and having zoomies in the garden. He likes to walk in quiet places but anywhere too busy can be a bit overwhelming for him.

Pinto is not so keen on strangers, bikes and buggy’s when out walking, unexpected loud noises, people coming into his home, birds and too much outside noise if he is relaxing in the garden. He is looking for a new home with an owner who is prepared to work through his anxieties with him.

Pinto has lived with another small dog in his previous home. Although he can be vocal and worried by dogs he doesn’t know when out walking we feel he would benefit from living with another dog in his new home.

Anyone wishing to adopt Pinto will need to commit to several meetings at the shelter to get to know him. He needs an adult only home, a quiet home environment and will also need his own private garden.

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