Oscar Rabbit

oscar rabbit 1

Oscar came into the shelter as his owner was unwell.  He is an otter dwarf male, 1 year old.  We have neutered, vaccianted and microchipped him.

We are looking for an indoor home for Oscar, with a spayed female rabbit for company.  He has never lived outside and is only 900g, he is fully grown.  He can be picked up but is very wriggly and would rather you didn’t pick him up at all!!!  He was not neutered and as far as we know he has not seen another rabbit in a while.  We have now neutered him but he will need to go to new owners who have bonded rabbits before as he is a bit bossy, if he doesn’t like where you have put hings in his pen he will just move them, he does have alot of character.  We would recommend older children as he is wriggly to handle

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