Oreo: female, 4 years

Oreo came to us in August as her owner could no longer look after her. She is a black and white short haired cat who is neutered and microchipped. She has been with us for almost a month and is now ready for her new home!

When Oreo initially came to us, she was very overwhelmed and a bit grumpy. Now that she has had time to settle she has really come into herself and realised that humans aren’t so bad! She loves fuss and always comes up to us for attention and affection. We have noticed she especially seems to get on better with men. She still needs some time to get used to new people but is doing really well. When she comes out in the morning she loves to explore the cattery and find new places to discover.

As she was initially quite stressed when she came to us, Oreo will need a quiet adult-only home. She will also need a secure garden she can access. As Oreo seems to prefer men and gets a bit grumpier towards women, we suspect she would be most suited to a male-only household.

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