Molly and Maisie Ferrets

molly and maisie ferrets 1

Molly and Maisie ferrets came in for rehoming as their owner was moving and could not take them with them.  Molly is the dark polecat and Maisie is the lighter polecat.  We have neutered, vaccinated and microchipped them.  We are guessing they are sisters and they are about 1 year old.

When they arrived at the shelter they were very thin and did not have any names.  So we have named them the M and M girls.  They are doing well and have put on weight nicely.  They are very sweet and cuddly.  They are just starting to play and get up to mischief here.  We are looking to home them together, either as a pair on their own or to join a group of ferrets.  They would be ok with children but not young children, no younger than 8 as they are ferrets and when excited they still nip. But they do not Bite.   They can live inside or outside.  They are very clean and both use the same tray.


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