Merlin, Casper, Herman Munster and Jacob Marley rats :

4 male rats halloween 2

This is our group of Halloween boy rats, they came into the shelter as their owner had over 38 rats and could no longer cope with the amount.  As they came in around the time of Halloween we have decided to call them after ghosts and wizards.  Merlin is the big grey boy in the middle, Casper is one of the cheeky ones and comes forward when you open their cage.   Herman and Jacob are happy to just do their own thing but can be very noisy when you are about.   They are sweet boys and have been handled, we feel they would benefit from going to a home with people who have had rats before so they can gain more confidence as they get more handling.  They love treats after they have been cleaned out.  To discuss the required cage and for more information ask at the shelter.  We are happy to home as one group or in pairs

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