Merlin: Blue-Fronted Amazon, 16 Years Old, Male

Merlin came to us in October as his owners could no longer look after him due to ill health. He is a blue-fronted Amazon parrot and we believe he is around 16 years old. We have completed a DNA test and Merlin is confirmed male.

Merlin will need an experienced parrot home. Ideally, someone who has had Amazon parrots before as they can have different needs to other parrots. Merlin can be shy and wary of new people, but is learning to interact with new people when they are introduced to him. He is hand shy but he is starting to take treats from the fingers of the staff he knows. Merlin is a companion eater and wants to try what you are eating. He has never bitten, however he does not like any form of handling at all.

Merlin would need to live inside with someone who will put in the work to get him to trust you. He chats and makes vocal noises if you sit in with him. He will also say hello and whistle (he knows how to wolf whistle!). Due to him being an Amazon parrot, once he settles into his new home he may be noisy. Therefore, he will need his own room. He would need a cage for him to feel safe but he would need to be loose in the room so he can fly and perch up high (as he can fly). He hasn’t quite got used to toys yet but parrots need a lot of enrichment, so he will this in his next home. He will try most food but would prefer to see what is in our lunch boxes every day.

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