Jenny has been the manageress since 1991. She often takes in and cares for some of our very old, sometimes terminally ill dogs. These dogs would be virtually impossible to re-home due to medical problems etc and the fact that no one wants a very old or ill dog.

Ruth is one of the full-time members of staff, working in the Reception/Office. Her dog Rafiki was rescued from a Spanish killing station. Ruth has a love of wildlife and birds, and helps us with fostering some of our difficult or needy dogs.

Cheryle has worked at the shelter since 1990, working in the office and now a part-time member of staff. She is the shelter’s bird expert, and has 1 cat, 1 dog and a few resident pigeons. She has taken many dogs from the shelter over the years, old ones, disabled ones, you name it she’s taken it home!

Pauline started working at the shelter as a volunteer in April 1997. She works in the office as a part-time member of staff since 1999. Pauline has cats of her own (which we have helped to supply of course) and has also adopted two dogs from the shelter . Pauline is always welcomed into the office when she brings in her home made cakes for us to sample!

Paul is the head of our cattery, responsible for all the homeless cats/boarding cats/stray cats that come through our doors. Paul has been working for the shelter since 1996. Paul has his own cat called Bessie who he took home from the shelter as she had a badly broken pelvis and will always have a limp.

Hazel is a full time member of staff who has been with us since 2001. She runs the small animal unit and also looks after the cats in Paul’s absence. Hazel often fosters cats and kittens that need extra looking after. She has two tortoises, two cats, three rabbits, one hamster and a dog called Tilly who came from our shelter.

Gina has worked at the shelter since 1993, she is the head of the homeless dogs section. She is responsible for designing, editing and typing up our very own newsletter Newshound. Gina also updates our website and answers our emails. Gina has one dog who was adopted from the shelter.

Lauren is a full time member of staff who works with the homeless dogs. She has three dogs of her own, including a staffie who was adopted from the shelter.

Charlie is a part time member of staff who fills in where she is needed but is happiest working with the doggies! She has one dog of her own.

Wendy is a full time member of staff who is responsible for looking after the dogs that have special needs. Wendy has been walking dogs for us as a volunteer at the shelter for many years. Wendy has a dog called Fleur (adopted from the Shelter).

Richard is a part time member of staff who runs our Boarding dogs section. He started volunteering in 2005 and became a member of staff in 2010. Richard has two cats of his own, one of which was adopted from the shelter. He is very keen to adopt a dog when his lifestyle is more suitable in the not so distant future hopefully.

Ranj is a part time member of staff who fills in where he is needed but prefers working with the dogs. He has three dogs of his own.