Maisie rabbit,

maise 2

Maisie came into the shelter as her owner had too many rabbits, from accidental litters.  We have her brother’s Ozzie and Herbie from another litter.

Maisie is very young only about 2 months old,  we are just waiting for her to be big enough to neuter and microchip.  She has been vaccinated.  Her neuter and chip will be done before she goes to her new home.  Maisie is very shy and can be spooked easily, so would be best in an adult home with no children.  With time and patience she will come round nicely.  She is very sweet once she trusts you but she is still very young.  She will need to go with a neutered male rabbit for company, Maisie will not be able to live outside this winter, as she is so young, so the hutch will have to go in a shed or garage

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