Maisie Rabbit:

maisie 2

Maisie came in for rehoming as a stray rabbit, she was found in some ones garden.   Maisie is a female she is now neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  We think she is about a year old.

We feel Maisie has had a really bad start in life.  She is very shy of people and panic’s when you try to pick her up.  She is getting more used to us and we can now stroke her and hand feed her.  We try not to pick her up too much here, so she can get used to humans being nice.  Due to this we feel Maisie would need very understanding owners, who are prepared to take things slowly and calmly for her to get used to them.  She would probably be better as a house rabbit so she does not need to be picked up to be cleaned out.  Maisie could possibly live on her own as a house rabbit.  We would not recommend she went with children.

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