Lulla: Female, 1 Year

Lulla came to us via another branch, after she was abandoned by her previous owners at a vet practice. She is a 1 year old female cat who is spayed, microchipped and fully vaccinated. She has been with us since August and is ready for her new home where she can start the next chapter of her life.

Lulla has progressed really far since coming to the cattery. She didn’t have the best start in life so she hasn’t always been sure what she wants out of human interaction. She can be very keen for attention and fuss but also makes it clear when she has had enough by walking away. She has calmed down and is now quite a reserved cat once she comes out of her pen. The cattery isn’t the best place for Lulla to settle in and feel safe, as there are so many other cats – whom she doesn’t like! Once Lulla is in a new home and settled in, it will finally give her personality a chance to bloom. 

For the reasons mentioned, Lulla will need to be the only cat/dog in the home. Her new owners will need to be patient and cat experienced. She is a sprightly young cat so she will need a secure garden she can access on her own terms – she spends a lot of her time at the cattery outdoors. Her new home will need to be adult only with strictly no children.

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