Louie: Neutered male, 10 years

Louie came to us because his owners were moving into a flat and felt he wouldn’t be very happy without access to a garden. He’s a real character cat who’s a bit of a wimp at first, and likes to take his time to get to know you. But once he trusts you, Louie turns into a big friendly soppy boy! Although he will let you know when’s he’s had enough! He will need a calm relaxed cat experienced home as he doesn’t like lots going on around him, so a home without children would suit Louie best. He would also like to be the only cat in the home. He’s a gorgeous big fluffy boy who just needs a bit of patience to learn his new environment and owner. He would love a nice garden as he can use a cat flap. Louie has suffered from cystitis in the past due to stress, but so far we have not experienced any problems at all. Please ask for more info about Louie.

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