Lottie and Trio: Female & Male, 3 years & 8 weeks

Lottie (Mummy) came to the shelter pregnant, and we felt it would be best for her to have the kittens in a warm safe foster home rather than the cattery. She soon settled in and eventually gave birth to just one kitten! They seem very close and are quite bonded, so we would like them to go as a pair. Mummy is very sweet with her boy, she plays with him, looks out for him and also tells him off when needed! We feel they will need to be the only cats in the home as Lottie is a little protective. They would prefer a calmer home, but could deal with cat experienced children 12 and over, and will definitely need their own garden to enjoy! Lottie knows how to use a cat flap, but they will need to stay in for a little while to help Lottie settle in and also, as her little boy is still quite young! Both are house trained, and would benefit  with one room to start with just for the first week or so to get used to things… there has been a lot of changes for them over the past month or so. 

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