Levi: Male, 5 years

Levi Is currently in a foster home as he was brought in with a broken jaw and needed treatment. We felt he would rather been in a home, than at the cattery. This is what the foster home has said about him. 

Levi is a lovely, relaxed and confident boy. Spends most of his day on the windowsill, watching the world go by. He adores company, following us around the house like a shadow, wanting lots of love, cuddles and belly tickles. He’s a little footballer in the making, and loves nothing more than chasing his ball around, even retrieves it for you to throw again. Anyone would think he’s a dog. He’s a gentle giant with a big playful heart and will make a fantastic companion. He will need a home with his own garden he can access and may be ok with older children 12+ if cat experienced.

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