Lettice and Elinor Rabbits

lettice and elinor 1

Lettice and Elinor rabbits came into the shelter as there owner had over 25 rabbits and could not cope with the volume of rabbits.  We have neutered, vaccinated and mircochipped them.  We have aged them about 1-2 years old

They are sisters and are looking for a home together.  They were very overweight and had hardly any muscle tone when they arrived.  They are now exercising daily and losing weight nicely.  Their new owners will need to monitor their weights and keep them on their diets for a while longer.  We are not sure what has happened in the past but Lettice has a slightly odd tail, it just sits differently, not broken but it results in her sitting in her wee sometimes so ideally she will need to be kept in a shed or a wendy house  or inside so she can move away from the litter tray after she has used it.  They would love a garden to explore and a lawn to lay in the sun.

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