John, Xylo and Nigel: neutered males, 4 – 5 months old

John, Xylo and Nigel came in via one of our inspectors after being removed, they are from the horde of 83 animals we took in. They came in 20/08/23. We have neutered, chipped, vaccinated and wormed them. John is the black one, Xylo is tan and white, Nigel is the all tan one

We are looking for homes either as pair, John and Xylo or as a three. Nigel is more confident so he can be separated and live with a neutered female rabbit who needs a companion. John and Xylo if being homed as a pair will need a nice setup with a secure run to exercise in. None of them are yet clean but its a work in progress considering where they came from, however if they are going to live inside it would not take them look for them to learn to be clean now they are neutered

We can home them as a group but the new owners would have to have a very large shed and large run. They are sweet boys but are not used to being picked up. They can be stroked and are learning we give nice treats and nice veggies

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