Jack: 8 months, Male, Dutch Shepherd

Jack came in on the 11th of January via an Inspector as his previous owner could no longer look after him.

He is a friendly, very lively pup who can be a little shy when he first meets new people. Jack knows his name but has not had any further training so will need to start from scratch. He likes some toys and enjoys his walks but does tend to woof at anything new.

Jack is friendly and playful with other dogs and can be quite full on with them. He would benefit from continuing his socialisation skills.

He is looking for an experienced owner who has had similar breeds before and knows how much time needs to be spent on training and socialising. He will need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation when he is fully grown and would benefit from agility/flyball or another outlet for his energy.

Jack can be very mouthy when he is over-excited so can not live with young children. He could live with children 16 years or older who are used to large dogs.

He will need his own garden and can not be left too long on his own initially.

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