Iona and Rosa Rabbits

iona and rosa 1

Iona and Rosa came into the shelter as they were removed along via 43 other rabbits from one home.  The rabbits have been distributed around the country.  We do have their brothers here.   We think they are rex cross dwarf rabbits as they are still very small but have beautiful coats.  We have now neutered, vaccinated and microchipped them.  They are sisters and their date of birth is 26/5/19.

We are looking for a home for them together.  They are a sweet pair of rabbits but have not been handled much in the home due to the amount of rabbits in the home.  Due to this they can be a little jumpy and wriggly when handled.  We feel they would be better in an adult home or a home with teenage children.  As this will be their first winter and they are small they will need to go inside or into a shed for the winter.

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