Hocus and Pocus Guinea pigs

Hocus and pocus pigs 1

Hocus and Pocus came into the shelter as the children in the home had lost interest.   We have named them after halloween as they came in around that time and did not have names.  Hocus is the smooth coated white and brown one.  Pocus is the rough coated white, tan and black one.  They are female sisters about 1 year old.

They are a sweet pair and squeak alot for attention and greens.  They have not been handled much so are wriggly to pick up but they will get better with more handling.  We feel they may be better with older children not young children.  They will need to go inside or in a shed now it is winter and can go out in the garden next year when its warm.  They will need an exercise area daily to go into even though it is winter

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