Grant and Gregory : 12 weeks old, neutered males

Grant and Gregory came into the shelter as they were an accidental litter, they came in with their brothers who will be up for rehoming soon. They are about 12 weeks old, we have neutered, vaccinated, wormed and mircochipped them both.

Grant has the more brown ears and Gregory has the lighter ears. We are looking for a home for them together. They are cheeky young boys and are typical boys into everything. Where one goes the other follows to see what he is missing out on. They can’t quite use the cat flap yet but they are learning. They are lionhead cross rabbits so their mane will need grooming regularly. They could live inside or outside but they will need a secure large area to explore and burn off their energy. As they are young and not used to too much handling they will not cope with young children but could live with older children

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