Friends of Brighton Animal Shelter

Everyone needs a friend – please become ours by joining the ‘Friends of Brighton Animal Shelter’. The aim of this support group is to raise funds through membership subscriptions and fund raising events. The money is used to buy equipment and provide extra facilities to make life more comfortable for the animals in our care.

Annual membership costs only £10 per adult or £15 for a family, or maybe a little more if you can afford to do so. Members receive our Newshound three times a year, keeping them up to date with Shelter news and fund raising activities, and we hope that as a “Friend” you will get involved and maybe suggest some ideas of your own.

If you wish to become a ‘Friend of Brighton Animal Shelter’, click on the link below so you can print an application form:

Friends of Brighton Animal Shelter Application Form

Please help our Shelter to continue to care for all animals in need by joining ‘Friends of Brighton Animal Shelter’ today.