Felicity and Franklyn Ferrets

F and F ferrets

Felicity and Franklyn came into the shelter as their owners had to move back home urgently.  They are brother and sister, 6 months old.  We have neutered, vaccinated and microchipped them.  Felicity is the smaller one on the left and Franklyn is the larger one on the right

They are a very playful pair of ferrets who are inquisative and extremely noisy .  We are looking for an experienced home as they are not used to too much handling and will get over excited, causing them to nip occasionally.  But it is play and they are still very young.  We feel a adult home would be best for them.  They can live inside or outside in a sheltered hutch or shed but must have a run to exercise in daily.  They do not have tails, we do not know why but it does not cause them any problems!!!

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