Dandy and Mimi Rabbits

dandy and mimi rabbits 1

Dandy and Mimi came into the shelter for rehoming via an inspector as their owner had too many rabbits.  Dandy is a 3 year old male, Netherland dwarf albino rabbit, Mimi is a 4 year old, black lionhead cross dwarf rabbit.  They have both been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

We are looking for a special home for our little pair, Mimi has had to have dental work in the past so has had her front teeth removed, she is coping very well and eating well.  Dandy is fine but he is very small and delicate.  We would ideally like them to be house rabbits as they are so small and they do not like the cold or the wind!!. They are a sweet pair and love each other.  We are looking for a home for them together.

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