Crocus Rabbit

crocus 11

Crocus came into the shelter for rehoming as her owners could no longer keep her as they had had a baby.   She came into the shelter with 2 other female rabbits but they were all kept separate.   Crocus is about 2-3 years old, we have neutered, vaccinated and microchipped her.

We are looking for an experienced adult home for Crocus, she is fine with adults but can be alittle grumpy with children, she can be petted and picked up but is unsure of it and you can’t pick her up for too long.   She is a sweet rabbit and loves taking treats from you.  Crocus is looking for a gentle neutered male rabbit for company, she can be quite bossy so would not cope with a bossy male, telling her what to do.  She would need people who have bonded before as we believe she has been on her own for a while now.


*During lockdown and social distancing measures whilst the shelter is closed to the public, we are asking people to fill out a Perfect Match form (which can be found on the main RSPCA website) and emailing it to us at if they are interested in adopting from us. We will be in touch if we feel you may be a good fit. We hope to begin rehoming again soon, under guidelines from headquarters and DEFRA. We will resume rehoming slowly – prioritising local potential adopters, and bringing pets to your home to complete an adoption whilst we remain closed. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this unique experience.

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