Copper: 13 months, male, German Shepherd x Husky


Copper came in on the 13th of October as his previous owner could not cope with him.

He is a bouncy, high-energy boy who had not been taught any manners in his previous home. Copper was unruly on the lead and nervous of anyone new initially.

He is now doing so well! Although he can be strong on the lead when he wants to be he generally walks nicely most of the time. Copper knows sit, off and his name on command and is learning to wait when asked. He is clean in his kennel (almost all the time) so would be easy to housetrain and he loves to play with toys.

Copper needs some further work on his socialisation skills with other dogs as he has not had many experiences in his previous home.

He will be looking for an experienced owner without children who has the time to put into his training.

Copper is not suitable for a first time owner and will need a garden.



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