Circe and Merlin Rabbits

circe and merlin 1m

Circe and Merlin came into the shelter as 2 week old babies with their mum and siblings back in October.  They were found under a hedge in a garden.  So they are about 3 months old now, Circe is female agouti without the mane,  Merlin has the lionhead mane, he is male.  We are looking for a home for them together.  They have been vaccinated and will be neutered and chipped 11/1/21.

They are a sweet pair of young rabbits, they can be picked up but they are not cuddly rabbits.  They are lively and like a good run around.  They will need to be inside now as it is winter and very cold.  So we are looking for either an indoor home or a home with a shed or a wendy house for them.  They would love a garden as they are young and need to explore,  but can only go outside on mild and dry days at the moment, so would need to be exercised inside.

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