luther (7)


Luther originally came in on the 4th of November via another rescue as part of a welfare case. He has been rehomed since then but was unfortunately returned to us as he was nervous of the young child who lived in the home. Luther is a sweet, sensitive boy who loves ... Read More


Biggie came in on the 7th of December via another rescue as he was too strong for his previous owner. He is a very friendly, cheeky boy who still acts like a big, bouncy puppy and doesn't realise he weighs 46 kg and is not little anymore!! Biggie can be a ... Read More


Charlie came in on the 30th of December via an Inspector. He was picked up as a stray and when his owner was found they no longer wanted him. He was extremely skinny and malnourished when he arrived with us but is already starting to gain weight and looking much ... Read More


Copper came in on the 13th of October as his previous owner could not cope with him. He is a bouncy, high-energy boy who had not been taught any manners in his previous home. Copper was unruly on the lead and nervous of anyone new initially. He is now doing so well! ... Read More


Patsy came to us on the 4th of November via another rescue. She was being picked on by the other dog in her previous home. We have rehomed her since then but unfortunately she was returned to us just before Christmas as she was too lively for her new owner. Patsy ... Read More