Buttercup, Primrose, Bluebell Guinea Pigs

These are our 3 ladies, they came into the shelter from a member of the public who had too many guinea pigs.

They are sisters and about 8 months old. Buttercup has the curly fur with the white face, Primrose is longhaired with the golden face and brown fur on the left side of her face, Bluebell has a brown face with a white stripe on her nose.

They are looking for a home together. They will need daily grooming as they are all semi to long haired and they will need regular hair cuts to stop their fur getting too long aswell. They are sweet and come forward for greens and treats. They can be picked up but still wriggle a little, this will improve with time. But they would be better with older children just because they are not used to the handling. They will need to be inside while it is still cold overnight. They can go out on sunny warm days

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