Boo: Female, 5 Years

Boo is a special lady from a group of cats we took in as part of a cruelty case at the beginning of 2023 – there were multiple cats living in one property, with most of their needs not being met. The case has finally been resolved, so we are now able to look for homes for all the cats! Boo has been enjoying life with one of our wonderful fosterers, but is now looking for a permanent family.

Boo is shy and will need a quiet adult-only home with no other cats or dogs. Boo and the other cats she lived with had a difficult life, so she has internalised stress – this occasionally leads to fur-pulling and over grooming. Boo is now on a hypoallergenic diet, which she’ll need to stay on for life, and this has helped tremendously with her overall health and wellbeing! Boo’s ideal home is with calm, cat-experienced adults willing to give her time & patience to settle in and feel at comfortable.

Boo loves a good nap in comfy spaces and watching birds through the window. She has come out of her shell with her fosterers by learning to play and gaining some confidence. Boo will continue to blossom in the right permanent home.

If you think you can offer Boo the kind of life she deserves, please complete an adoption form.

(Please note that Boo is in a foster home and not available to meet at the Patcham shelter, but this can be arranged through the application process.)

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