Bobble and Bow Ferrets

bow and bobble 1

Bobble and Bow came into the shelter from our Essex branch, they were removed by an inspector as their owner had too many animals.  15 ferrets in total were removed.  Bow is a black eyed white ferret and Bobble is a pole cat ferret, we think they are about 1 year old, we have neutered, vaccinated and microchipped them.

We are looking for an adult experienced home for these two lively girls, to be rehomed together.  They are sweet and like people around but have not had much handling, so they will/ can nip on occasion.  They can be picked up but are unsure at first, then they get used to it but if handled for too long they wriggle and nip.  In time they will settle and will be great with people as they come forward for attention and play with toys.  They know what treats are, when they hear a rustle of a bag , they appear out of nowhere.  They can live outside or inside in a suitable environment.  They are very clean here and always use they tray.  These two little ladies are not for first time ferret owners as they need to find a home with ferret experienced people who will understand their lack of trust in people

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