christmas pigs 1
This is our three Christmas guinea pigs. Twinkle, Tinsel and Star, they came in for rehoming as they were removed by one of our inspectors.  They were not having the right care and the owner had too many guinea pigs.  They are 3 females. We would like them to stay together ... Read More
Cassie guinea pig 1

Cassie Guinea Pig:

/ Other Animals
Cassie came in for rehoming as she was in a home with too many animals.  We did home her but unfortunately she did not bond well with the other guinea pigs so has had to be returned to the shelter.  She is a very sweet little guinea pig, about 8 ... Read More
rosies pups
We have some pups that will be available for adoption after Christmas. They will need complete training and socialising and are not housetrained.  They are looking for active homes and could live with children 5 years or older. If you have had a home-visit and are interested please pop into the shelter ... Read More

Fudge: Female, 6 Months

/ Cats
Fudge is a lovely little girl who came to us recently via an Inspector. She has been undergoing some veterinary treatment and will be ready for rehoming soon. She is about 6 months old, and is semi-long haired. Fudge would like a home without very young children, but could live ... Read More
bailey 1

Bailey Rabbit;

/ Rabbits
Bailey came into the shelter for rehoming as her owner was moving and could not take her.  She is 6 months old and has been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.  Bailey is a lionhead cross rabbit and has a fluffy mane.  Which does sometimes need grooming Bailey is a sweet rabbit but ... Read More
Truffle came in on the 15th of November via an Inspector as he was unwanted. He is a friendly boy who enjoys his cuddles and knows sit and his name on command.  Truffle is very excitable and strong to walk on the lead so will further training as he has not ... Read More
Jasmine is a lovely little lady. Her owner could no longer look after her, so we are finding her a new home. She would prefer somewhere calm. She loves a little fuss and happily purrs when you rub her chin and scratch her ears. Jasmine has recently been spayed, and ... Read More
Pru came in on the 12th of June via an Inspector.  She is now ready to find a new home. Pru is a very active, energetic, playful girl who loves her walks.  She knows sit, paw and her name on command and enjoys playing with toys.  Pru is very affectionate and ... Read More
Jonesy came to us after being found as a stray. He's a sweet, vocal chap who is settling into life in the cattery well. He's a little shy to start and would probably prefer a calmer home, but is quite friendly and enjoys a fuss. He's quite a handsome fluff. ... Read More
Teddy came in on the 19th of September via another rescue and is looking for a rather special home He is a very loveable, affectionate young boy who loves a cuddle! Teddy know sit and his name on command, is good when groomed, enjoys his walks, is housetrained, travels well in ... Read More
Myla came in on the 17th of November via another rescue. She is a very friendly, affectionate girl who knows sit, down, paw, come and her name on command, is housetrained, ok when groomed and loves playing with toys. Myla is ok with most dogs but not so keen on little ones! ... Read More
Rex came in on the 17th of November as he was unwanted. He is a nice boy but is nervous of new people initially.  Once he gets to know you he is incredibly loyal and loving.  Rex is clean in his kennel so should be housetrained.  He is still learning to ... Read More
Jeremy came in on the 16th of November.  He was originally picked up as a stray. Jeremy is a friendly, affectionate boy who knows sit, down and paw on command, enjoys being groomed and likes to play with toys. He is friendly with other dogs and could live with a confident cat ... Read More

Jasper rabbit;

/ Rabbits
Jasper came into the shelter for rehoming as his owner could no longer care for him.  Jasper is 18 months old Netherlands dwarf rabbit.  He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. We had had Jasper a few months now as he was very poorly after his neuter and it has taken him ... Read More
autumn ferret 1

Autumn Ferret;

/ Ferrets
Autumn came in for rehoming as her owner could no longer keep her.  She has now been spayed, microchipped and vaccinated.  We think she is about 1-2 years old. Autumn is a sweet little ferret who can be picked up and handled.  She likes a little play but prefers to have ... Read More