Samirah rabbit :

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Samirah came into the shelter for rehoming as her previous owner could no longer care for her.  She is about 1 year old, we have neutered, vaccinated and microchipped her. Samirah is a sweet gentle rabbit who likes fuss and attention.  She especially like treat times.  We are looking for a ... Read More

Lulu rabbit :

/ Rabbits
Lulu came in to the shelter from another rspca.  She is a spayed female 1-2 years old, she has been vaccinated and microchipped.  Lulu is a sweet rabbit and will come over for attention but she can be shy so we would recommend she went to an adult only home ... Read More
Tommy came in on the 8th of September from an unsuitable home. He is a friendly, cheeky boy who loves his walks but can be strong on the lead.  Tommy knows sit, down and his name on command, is housetrained, good when groomed and is an affectionate boy. He is ok with ... Read More
Sebastian came in on the 8th of September as he was too much for the children in the home. He is a large boy who can be strong on the lead and will be looking for an experienced owner.  Sebastian knows sit, down and his name on command, is housetrained, ok ... Read More
Queenie came in on the 31st of August from an unsuitable home. She is a sweet, gentle young girl who is very shy in new situations but is starting to grow in confidence.  Queenie is learning to play with toys and is very affectionate once she gets to know you. She can be ... Read More

Jess: spayed female, 5-6years

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Jess came in because she was no longer wanted by her owner.  She has taken a while to settle, but is now starting to trust us more. Although Jess does sometimes hiss for no reason! She will need a calm home with experienced cat owners. Also a home with no ... Read More
Fluffy came into as a stray cat. Her fur was very matted and she was covered in fleas! She also needed a dental. Fluffy is a bit of a shy girl & often gets over looked because she hides under her blanket. Fluffy will need a quiet calm environment as ... Read More
Pixie came in on the 6th of August as her previous owners were not allowed to keep her in their property. She is a very friendly, bouncy, cheeky girl who knows sit, paw, beg, wait and her name on command.  Pixie is housetrained, ok when groomed and loves her toys.  She ... Read More
Marlon came in on the 31st of August from an unsuitable home. He is a sweet, friendly boy who can be a little shy until he knows you.  Marlon enjoys a fuss and likes to sit on your lap. He is good when groomed but does not know any commands so would benefit from a ... Read More

Aegon hamster :

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Aegon is a Syrian hamster, he came in to the shelter as he was from an unwanted litter.  He about 7 weeks old. We are looking for an experienced home for Aegon as he has had little handling and is very scared of people and hands.  We can gently touch him ... Read More
Harry Potter is a black male gerbil, he is young but as he was abandoned in his cage in an empty garage we do not know his exact age. He is very inquisitive, noisy and full of character.  Harry is a friendly boy and is looking for a home that can ... Read More

Flower rabbit :

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Flower is a dwarf cross rabbit, 1 1/2 years old.  She is a spayed female, vaccinated and microchipped. Flower came into the shelter for rehoming as her owner was taken ill and could no longer care for her.  She has a strong character and does like to get her own way. ... Read More
Sally came to us because she was no longer wanted by her last owner and was brought in by one of our inspectors. She's a shy girl at first, but very friendly.  And would probably prefer a quiet home. Sally doesn't like other cats.
Bessie came in on the 18th of July via another RSPCA centre after being picked up as a stray. She is a friendly, bouncy girl who loves to run!  Bessie knows sit and her name on command and is clean in her kennel but will require further training. She is very active ... Read More
Tony was a stray who was not neutered, although he has been done now! He seems very sweet and loves playing with his toys! More info to come.
Gizmo was a stray on the isle of wight! And unfortunately was never claimed. He has come to us for a fresh start. He's a bit of a shy boy who needs to learn to trust people. Likes being stroked, but frightened when he's picked up. He will need need a ... Read More

Jack Sparrow rabbit :

/ Rabbits
Jack Sparrow came in for rehoming as his owner was working full time and could no longer care for him.  He is 3 years old, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Jack Sparrow is looking for a new home with a spayed female rabbit.  He is a sweet rabbit but does sometimes like ... Read More
Saffron was originally brought over to the UK from Romania but the home that was lined up for her fell through.  She has been in the care of WADARS for 15 months. Saffron takes a while to come round to new people and other dogs, but once she knows you she ... Read More
Bo is another cat who has come to us because of not getting on with the children in the home. She's a bit of a shy girl, but once she knows you, Bo is very sweet. More info to come
Olaf came in on the 28th of May as his previous owner no longer had time for him. He is a friendly, very lively boy who can be a bit shy until he knows you.  Olaf knows sit, down, paw, wait, leave, roll-over and his name on command, is housetrained, ok ... Read More
Toast came into us because he wasn't happy living with the other cats in the home or the dog. In fact he started to pull some of his fur out poor boy. Toast is a friendly boy, but would like a quiet home where he can relax and not have ... Read More