Charlie came in on the 26th of October via another rescue due to a change in circumstances. He is a very friendly, affectionate boy who loves attention. Charlie knows sit, paw, leave, stay, come and his name on command, is good when groomed and likes to play with toys, especially soft ... Read More

Molly Rabbit

/ Rabbits
Molly is a one year old, crossbreed, harlequin-coloured rabbit. More information to come...  

Puddle Guinea Pig

/ Other Animals
Puddle is a long-haired, tri-coloured guinea pig who is five years old. She is cream, grey, and brown. More information to come...  

Oreo Rabbit

/ Rabbits
Oreo is a neutered male lop who is one year old. He is black and white. More Information to Come...

Coco: spayed female, 4 years

/ Cats
Coco came to us because the owners were moving. She was very much loved and has been cared for very well. Coco is a friendly girl, but a little shy at first. She’s not keen on being picked up, but will sit with you. She’s quite a nosy little girl ... Read More
Hank came in on the 17th of October via another rescue. He was an unclaimed stray. Hank is a lovely, friendly boy who is very affectionate and enjoys a fuss. He knows sit on command, is ok when groomed and is learning to play ball. He is known here as Hank ... Read More
Flo came in on the 22nd of September via an Inspector. She had a severe flea allergy on arrival and an untreated sore eye so has been on treatment the last month to help her feel better. Flo is now ready to look for a new home. She is a sweet, ... Read More
Hazel came from the RSPCA in London. She hasn’t had the best of starts and so we thought coming to Brighton might give her a fresh start. She’s a bit shy at first, and likes to hide under her blanket if things get a little noisy etc. Hazel will definitely ... Read More
Buddy came in on the 12th of October as his previous owner was unwell and could no longer give him the care and time he needs. He is a very friendly, active boy who knows sit, down, paw and his name on command, is housetrained and ok when groomed (but excitable). Buddy ... Read More
Tommy was brought into us because he was not happy in his last home. He wasn’t neutered and was very unhappy being kept indoors in a flat. He’s desperate to have a nice garden he can call his own and be able to come too and throw as he wants. ... Read More
Ozzy came in on the 6th of October via another rescue after being picked on by the other dog in the home. He is a friendly, lively boy who can be a little shy when he first meets you but is soon your best friend. Ozzy knows sit, down, stay and ... Read More
Mavis came in on the 7th of September via another rescue. Mavis is a friendly, affectionate girl once she trusts you but can be very wary of new people to begin with. She knows sit and down on command and is learning her name. Mavis enjoys playing with toys, especially a ... Read More
We have recently taken in over 50 gerbils from an unsuitable home. We are currently sorting them into pairs and small groups for rehoming, whilst looking after their well-being and monitoring for any new arrivals! They will soon be looking for new homes. Gerbils can be great pets and are ... Read More