Please read full description - When Hannah arrived from her last home, she was covered in fleas! As a result, she had a few sore patches and was quite bald in places. She was depressed, and very quiet. With regular flea treatment, proper food and lots of cuddles, Hannah is ... Read More
Please read full Information - Obi came to us because he wasn’t coping well with the children in the home. He also needed  major dental work and so they decided to sign Obi over. He’s now had his dental, most of his teeth have been removed, but still eats all ... Read More
Dizzy came in on the 14th of March via another rescue. She was an unclaimed stray. Dizzy is an active, happy girl who enjoys her walks. She is becoming more loving and affectionate everyday and enjoys her cuddles.  Dizzy knows her name and sit on command and is good when groomed. ... Read More
vera,john,christopher 1m
Vera Lynn white and agouti, John Le Carre white and agouti more eye liner on and Christopher Plummer agouti,  came in for rehoming as their owners had too amny rabbits and we helped by taking 6 young rabbits.  They are from the same litter as Captain Tom and Barbara Windsor.  ... Read More
Patrick 1m

Patrick Rabbit

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Patrick came in for rehoming as his owner had too many rabbits and we helped by taking 6 young rabbits.   He has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped we believe he is around 4-5 months old. Patrick is a sweet gentle little rabbit, he is shy of people and is not keen ... Read More
lester reserved
Lester came in on the 24th of March via another rescue as his owner was no longer able to look after him. We think he is a lurcher/whippet type with maybe a bit of spaniel thrown in! He is a friendly, lively boy who can be a little shy initially but ... Read More
Suki came in on the 14th of March via another rescue as the other dogs in the home were not keen on her. She is a very shy girl initially with new people, especially men, and takes a while to bond with them. Suki is ideally looking for a calm home ... Read More
Sam was brought into us by the police having been rescued from a house fire! As you can imagine, Sam was very scared and very shy for sometime. She is now starting to come out of her shell and becoming more confident each day, but will still hide under her ... Read More
barbara and tom 1m
Barbara and Captain Tom came into the shelter for rehoming as their owner had too many rabbits.  We have taken 6 rabbits in total to help.  They have both been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  They are about 4 months old.  They are brother and sister from one litter.  Captain Tom ... Read More
Henry came to us because his owner could no longer look after him. He is a bit of a character who does like fuss and a stroke, but very much on his terms! He will occasionally let you know if he’s had enough. He will need a cat experienced adult ... Read More
circe and merlin 1m

Circe and Merlin Rabbits

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Circe and Merlin came into the shelter as 2 week old babies with their mum and siblings back in October.  They were found under a hedge in a garden.  So they are about 3 months old now, Circe is female agouti without the mane,  Merlin has the lionhead mane, he ... Read More
Copper came in on the 13th of October as his previous owner could not cope with him. He is a bouncy, high-energy boy who had not been taught any manners in his previous home. Copper was unruly on the lead and nervous of anyone new initially. He is now doing so well! ... Read More