midnight 2

Midnight Rabbit

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Midnight came into the shelter from our London branch, he was taken in there as his previous owners had too many rabbits.  He is about 5 months old and we have neutered, vaccinated and microchipped him. Midnight has a big character and personality.  He is cheeky and very lively, we are ... Read More
Frank was brought in by an inspector from a home with too many cats. He is a very shy little boy who will need time and patience to settle down in a new home. He would possibly live with another cat, but unfortunately needs a home without children. Photo to ... Read More
bubbles and buddy1
Bubbles and Buddy came on in the 31st of December along with two other dogs after their owner sadly passed away. They are both friendly, affectionate boys although Buddy (the pug) can be a little shy at first. They know their names on command, are housetrained, good when groomed and Bubbles ... Read More
Charlie and Shiloh came to us because the owner was moving and unable to take them. They are sisters who seem to get on well. They are often curled up together. Both cats are a little shy at first, and not too keen on lots of noise, so a home ... Read More
becks 1

Becks Rabbit

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Becks came into the shelter via our London branch.  She was taken in for rehoming as her previous owner could no longer keep her.  She is 7 years old, we have neutered, vaccinated and mircochipped her. Becks is looking for an experienced home, she has not been handled much so is ... Read More
rocky and diva
Rocky and Diva came in on the 10th of January due to their owners ill health. They are friendly, happy little dogs who know their names on command, are ok when groomed, housetrained and like to play fetch with a ball.   Diva is Rocky's mum so we will be looking for ... Read More
dixie (1)
Dixie came in on the 7th of January as her previous owner could not cope. She is a friendly, lively pup who knows sit, down, paw, leave, stay, come and her name on command, is housetrained and loves to play with toys.  Dixie can be a little strong on the lead ... Read More
Harry came in on the 6th of January as his owner was unwell and no longer able to look after him. He is a friendly, lively pup who knows sit, paw and his name on command, is housetrained, ok when groomed (although a little wiggly!) and loves to play with toys. Harry ... Read More
Luna and spot are sisters who came in from a multi cat household. Both cats are very nervous and shy. They will need time and patience to help them settle and trust you. Needs to be a calm home and someone who doesn’t mind the fact they will need to ... Read More
roger 2
Roger came in after his owner sadly passed away. He is a sweet, affectionate boy once he knows you although can be a little shy at first.  Roger knows sit and his name on command, is housetrained, enjoys being groomed and loves a good neck scratch!  He likes playing with toys, ... Read More
rosie and jim 1

Rosie and Jim Rabbits

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Rosie and Jim came into the shelter as their  owner had too many animals.  Our inspectors were called and we are helping to rehome them.  Rosie and Jim are dwarf albino rabbits.  They are about 3 years old and have both been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  It is very hard ... Read More
Stephanie came in on the 19th of December from another RSPCA Centre. She was an unclaimed stray. Stephanie is a sweet, loving girl who can be shy of new people at first but once she has made friends with you she enjoys fuss and attention.  She is ok when groomed and ... Read More
Holly came in on the 19th of December as her owner was no longer able to look after her. She is a bouncy, affectionate girl who can be a little shy at first but craves attention once she knows you. Holly knows sit, paw and her name on command and likes ... Read More
Whiskey is a lovely girl who has unfortunately been returned to us recently. She is very affectionate and loves a fuss and cuddle.  Whiskey knows sit, down, paw and her name on command, is housetrained, good when groomed, enjoys her walks and loves to play with toys, especially a rope and ... Read More
monty 1

Monty Rabbit

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Monty came in for rehoming from our slough branch, he was found in a garden as a stray.  He is about 2 years old and has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped in slough. We are looking for a lively home for Monty, he is very cheeky and into everything.  He is ... Read More
annie 1
Annie came in to the shelter from our Harmsworth branch in London.  She was taken in as a stray with a very nasty collar injury.  Her leg was stuck through the collar.  It was not a safety collar.  The vets tried very hard to keep the leg but the infection ... Read More
sidney rabbit 1

Sidney Rabbit

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Sidney came into the shelter as he was taken into the vets as a stray.  We think he is about 1-2 years old, he has small ears so we think he is a dwarf crossbreed.  We have neutered, vaccinated and microchipped him. Sidney is a very shy rabbit and is easily ... Read More
dotty and nibbles 1
Nibbles and Dotty came in for rehoming as they were not happy living with young children.  They are 4 year old sister's.  They have been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Nibbles has the white stripe down her nose and Dotty has the white dot nose. They are a sweet pair, not used ... Read More
chas and dave guinea pigs 2
Chas and Dave where actually born at the shelter.  We went into a home a removed 16 guinea pigs, some where pregnant and some had, had babies.  These two were born to different mums but have grown up together.  Chas is brown/tan/white and was born 18/8/19.  Dave white/tan/brown and was ... Read More
Akira has been with us in our special care unit since the beginning of March.  She came in via an Inspector and was extremely malnourished on arrival.  After lots of veterinary investigations we have got to the bottom of why she was so skinny.  Akira has digestive issues linked to ... Read More