Rocky came in on the 17th of November as his previous owner could not cope with him. He is a shy boy who has not had a great deal of new experiences in his life so far.  Rocky knows sit, paw and his name on command, is housetrained and has been ... Read More
Freddie came in on the 17th of November as his previous owner could not cope with his activity levels after her partner sadly passed away. He is an excitable, bouncy boy who knows sit, down, paw, stay, come and his name on command and is housetrained. Freddie is quite strong and ... Read More
Spice 1

Spice Rabbit

/ Rabbits
Spice came into the shelter via our Essex branch.  She was removed by an inspector due to bad living conditions.  We have aged her about 2 years old.  She has been vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. Spice is a calm rabbit who likes head strokes.  She has got poor muscle tone due ... Read More
Acorn 1

Acorn Rabbit

/ Rabbits
Acorn came into the shelter from our Essex branch as a stray.  We have aged him at about 6-8 months old, we have neutered, vaccinated and microchipped him. Acorn is a very sweet gentle little rabbit,  loves strokes and attention, he can be cheeky but only in a young rabbit way ... Read More
F and F ferrets
Felicity and Franklyn came into the shelter as their owners had to move back home urgently.  They are brother and sister, 6 months old.  We have neutered, vaccinated and microchipped them.  Felicity is the smaller one on the left and Franklyn is the larger one on the right They are a ... Read More
lilly rabbit 1

Lilly Rabbit

/ Rabbits
Lilly came into the shelter as her owners had a problem with fox's in the garden and Lilly wasn't safe.  She is an albino rabbit about 3 years old.  We have neutered, vaccinated and microchipped her. Lilly has a strong character and can be very bossy.  She is also very noisy ... Read More
Delilah came in on the 6th of November via another rescue.  She was abandoned at a boarding kennels. Delilah is a friendly, affectionate girl who was a little shy when she first arrived with us.  She knows sit, down and paw on command, is good when groomed, loves playing with toys ... Read More
Bella came in on the 2nd of November after her owner sadly passed away. She is a bouncy, cheeky young girl who is still very much a pup! Bella knows sit, down, paw, stay, come, leave and her name on command, is ok when groomed and enjoys playing with toys.  She ... Read More
rose and violet pigs 1
Rose and Violet guinea pigs came into the shelter as their owner had a baby and was unable to keep them.  They are female sisters about 5 years old.  Rose is white and black, Violet is black and white. We are looking for a special home for Rose and Violet together.  ... Read More
Hocus and pocus pigs 1
Hocus and Pocus came into the shelter as the children in the home had lost interest.   We have named them after halloween as they came in around that time and did not have names.  Hocus is the smooth coated white and brown one.  Pocus is the rough coated white, tan ... Read More
Henry came in on the 21st of October as his previous owner was working long hours and did not have any time for him. He is certainly a character! Henry knows sit and his name on command but has had very little training or life experiences other than this.  He loves ... Read More
Lily and Tilly came in on the 25th of October after being removed from unsuitable circumstances by an Inspector. They are both sweet, friendly girls who know their names but no other commands.  Tilly is a little more reserved than Lily and lets her sister take centre stage but they both ... Read More
UPDATE: Alfred is RESERVED! Please say hello to lovely Alfred! He's a former stray who has been through the wars and would love a new home to call his own. He's a lovely chap, with a lot to say. He came to us after being turned into the vets with ... Read More
Here's sweet Finny! He recently arrived because his owner could no longer look after him. He's a shy guy, but does enjoy a quiet chin scratch and bit of fuss. He's a bit stressed in the cattery, and would like to find a quiet home soon. Finny is used to living ... Read More
sidney rabbit 1

Sidney Rabbit

/ Rabbits
Sidney came into the shelter as he was taken into the vets as a stray.  We think he is about 1-2 years old, he has small ears so we think he is a dwarf crossbreed.  We have neutered, vaccinated and microchipped him. Sidney is a very shy rabbit and is easily ... Read More
Bella came in on the 12th of October as her owner was unable to manage her. She is an affectionate, friendly girl who loves a fuss but can be a little shy until she knows you.  Bella knows sit and her name on command, is housetrained, enjoys being groomed, is ok ... Read More
dotty and nibbles 1
Nibbles and Dotty came in for rehoming as they were not happy living with young children.  They are 4 year old sister's.  They have been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Nibbles has the white stripe down her nose and Dotty has the white dot nose. They are a sweet pair, not used ... Read More
Nelly came in on the 15th of October via another rescue.  She was an unclaimed stray. Nelly is a bouncy, friendly, happy girl who still very much behaves like a puppy! She knows sit on command, is ok when groomed, loves playing with toys and enjoys her walks, although she tends ... Read More
murdock and murphy rabbits 1
Murphy and Murdock came into the shelter as they were removed along with 43 other rabbits from one home.  The other rabbits have been distributed around the country.  We do have their sisters here Iona and Rosa.  Also their brother kramer but he has already been reserved so will be ... Read More
chas and dave guinea pigs 2
Chas and Dave where actually born at the shelter.  We went into a home a removed 16 guinea pigs, some where pregnant and some had, had babies.  These two were born to different mums but have grown up together.  Chas is brown/tan/white and was born 18/8/19.  Dave white/tan/brown and was ... Read More
grace and gordon ferrets 1

Grace and Gordon Ferrets

/ Ferrets
Lovely Grace & Gordon are looking for a new home after being returned to us - they were adopted last month, but the other ferrets in the home didn't like them very much! They are now looking for a new place as the only ferrets in the home. Grace & Gordon ... Read More
Akira has been with us in our special care unit since the beginning of March.  She came in via an Inspector and was extremely malnourished on arrival.  After lots of veterinary investigations we have got to the bottom of why she was so skinny.  Akira has digestive issues linked to ... Read More