Biggles Rabbit


Biggles came into the shelter via our Millbrook branch.  His owner was unable to keep him due to a change of circumstance.  He is a lop, 5 months old, we have neutered, vaccinated and microchipped him.

Biggles is a very sweet little rabbit he went into the Millbrook branch with his brother Bailey but they weren’t neutered so were fighting and had to be split.  We are looking for a home for Biggles with a gentle natured spayed female rabbit for company.  We think Biggles may be deaf or slightly hard of hearing.  He can be asleep and we make him jump very easily.  He likes people and head strokes, he can be picked up but does wriggle.  Everytime you open his pen he thinks he is getting food and eagerly comes forward.   Due to the fact we think he is deaf he would be better with older children who will not make him jump with sudden movements.  He may take longer to bond so would need owners who have bonded before.

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