Autumn Ferret;


Autumn initially came in for rehoming as her owner could no longer keep her.  We have spayed, microchipped and vaccinated her.  We think she is about 1-2 years old.

We are looking for a very special home for Autumn, she can be picked up and handled.  She loves humans and wants to play with people.  We have tried to home her to live in a home with other ferrets but she wasn’t happy and didn’t take to the other ferrets well at all. So had to be returned.   She will play with the ferrets in the shelter but does get shy of them and will hide or scream at them.  If they get too close.  We don’t think she has ever seen another ferret so doesn’t know what to do.  Due to this we are either looking for a home where Autumn can be an only ferret inside with her new owners.  Or if she can be kept on her own but have the option to play with another ferret if she wants.  Could live with older children.

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