Archie Rabbit


Archie came into the shelter from our Millbrook branch, he was taken in there with his sisters as someone was trying to sell them outside Sainsburys in Putney.  We have already rehomed his sisters Tilly and Suzie,  now Archie is here to be rehomed.  He is a dwarf rabbit 4-5 months old male, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

We are looking for a home where Archie can be mainly inside and just to go outside on sunny warm days.  He is fully grown but being a dwarf only weighs 900g .  Archie is looking for a neutered female rabbit for company, ideally small or dwarf size.  He has a lovely character and can be cheeky, he loves to hide in his bedding and then make us jump when we put food in.  He loves his food and treats.  Being small he can be picked up but he is quick when he is running around so will need a secure run outside and a safe area inside to exercise

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