Annie, Spayed female, 2 years old

annie 1

Annie came in to the shelter from our Harmsworth branch in London.  She was taken in as a stray with a very nasty collar injury.  Her leg was stuck through the collar.  It was not a safety collar.  The vets tried very hard to keep the leg but the infection was just too nasty and was not responding to medication.  So she had to have her front right leg removed.

We are looking for an active household for Annie, she is a busy cat and even though she only has three legs she is very agile and fast on her feet.  She can run, jump and climb.  She would love to have a garden for her to explore.  We think it would be best if the children were no younger than teenagers, or children with alot of cat experience.  Unfortunately due to Annie being a stray she is food obsessed and gets fed in a slow feeder here as she bolts her food too quickly.  In time this will slow down and she will know she is getting regular meals but it may start again in a new home so the new owners need to know not to leave any food out!!!  Annie would like to be the only pet, she does not like cats and is not keen on dogs.  She is a lovely cat and does like fuss and attention

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