Akira: 18 months, female, Akita cross


Akira has been with us in our special care unit since the beginning of March.  She came in via an Inspector and was extremely malnourished on arrival.  After lots of veterinary investigations we have got to the bottom of why she was so skinny.  Akira has digestive issues linked to her pancreas, this means she has to stay on a specific diet and will be on an enzyme supplement in her food for life. She has now  gained lots of weight, is feeling 100 times better and is ready to look for a new home.

Akira is a friendly, boisterous girl who still very much behaves like an adolescent! She knows sit and her name and will give both paws but will need further training.  Akira enjoys her walks and has recently started wearing a halti to help her walk nicely!

She needs a home without cats, birds or small furry animals and will need to continue her socialisation skills with other dogs as she has missed out on so much as a pup.

Akira is looking for a family who are experienced with big dogs as she does like to try and push the boundaries!  She is a bouncy, playful girl now that she is feeling better so is looking for an adult only home.

Akira needs to be homed within a reasonable distance from our shelter so that her new owner can bring her back for vet checks and to get more medication.


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