Kenny, Neutered Male, 9 Years Old


Say hello to our handsome chap, Kenny! He’s a shorthaired, black & white male.

Kenny arrived this Spring via an Inspector. Poor Kenny was removed from a home due to poor living conditions. He was suffering from terrible Flea Allergy Dermatitis. It’s awfully uncomfortable and completely avoidable with regular flea treatment.

Thankfully, Kenny is on the mend and doing MUCH better. His skin is healed and his fur is all grown back. He’s been enjoying sunning himself and spending time outside, as well as his hidey hole!

Kenny enjoys a fuss and chin scratch, but will let you know when he’s had enough. He’s not a cuddler, but enjoys company and likes it when he gets visitors to his outside space. He’s looking for experienced cat owners who can handle the odd moments when he thinks a hiss is required. We know Kenny will be much happier when he finally gets a new home! He’s looking for a calm, adult home as the only cat.

Kenny is chipped, neutuered, and up-to-date on all treatments and vaccines.

If you have a completed home visit, and would like to know more about meeting Kenny, please speak to a member of staff!

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